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Our Network

How We Work

The MAB Youth Network is run by volunteers from around the world who work closely with the UNESCO Secretariat, Member National Committees, and the other organizations we partner with.

Much of the work of our networks is undertaken by Coordinators who have numerous responsibilities in maintaining and developing the network and its connections to its partners.

There are a number of activities and opportunities which are run and shared internationally, as well as a number that are region specific. For regional activities, the Regional MAB Youth Networks undertake these.

How We Started

While MAB Youth Networks of different scales existed throughout different periods of the MAB Programme, the momentum for greater involvement of youth in the programme started around 2017, with the first MAB Youth Forum bringing together 282 delegates from 85 countries. Connections were established, ideas shared, and various efforts at National and Regional levels were undertaken to start forming youth networks. Afterwards, the IberoMAB Youth Network was formed, the first Regional Network of it’s kind.

The next major moment came with the 2nd MAB Youth Forum in 2019, bringing together 176 representatives from 82 countries to Changbaishan in China. Here, the forum had a strong focus on formalizing the networks we’ve made and formulating ways to get involved in international decision making processes. The result was the formation of 4 more Regional MAB Youth Networks and a truly International MAB Youth Network focused on engagement on a number of international governance processes with the Convention on Biological Diversity at the centre.

To read more about our history, see the MAB Youth Wiki page on the Network.

What We Do

The MAB Youth Networks undertake a number of key responsibilities, ranging from providing young people’s perspectives to UNESCO’s decision making processes, through to networking members to share activities and experiences in managing the MAB Programme.

MAB Governance Representation

We represent young voices in decisions about the MAB Programme, presenting our perspectives at official processes such as the MAB International Coordinating Council, as well as working closely with the Secretariat to provide input into the work done on the programme.

Development and Networking

We work to present our members opportunities to develop and apply their skills on specialist subjects. Whether sharing workshops and trainings we find, or developing our own to deliver to MAB Youth.

International Environmental Governance Representation

We gather the perspectives of young people from all over the world and present them at major regional and international forums and meetings.

Ranging from drafting interventions into the Convention on Biological Diversity, to developing submissions to inform UNESCO’s approach towards processes such as the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, to networking at world meetings such as the IUCN World Congress.

Organizational Support

We offer tools and resources which can help MAB Youth establish and run National MAB Youth Networks. Whether helping them to engage with their MAB National Committee, providing them website and communications tools, or offering activities that they can run and participate in.

Additional Links

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Become a member of the MAB Youth Networks and join our community to help grow young people’s presence in the MAB Programme

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