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We welcome all to join the MAB Youth Network’s community and receive opportunities to develop your skills, contribute your voice to decisions affecting you, and help build a stronger future for the MAB Programme.

Our membership welcomes all levels of interest, from those seeking to learn of interesting webinars on skills-development sessions, through to those who seek to run projects and volunteer their time with us. Our open and inclusive structure can offer a place for all levels of dedication.

Membership Benefits

Representing Young Voices in MAB Governance

We represent young voices in decisions about the MAB Programme, presenting our perspectives at official processes such as the MAB International Coordinating Council, as well as working closely with the Secretariat to provide input into the work done on the programme.

Supporting National Youth Networks

At the core of MAB Youth Network engagement is a focus on engaging the nearly 100 million young people living, working, or studying in Biosphere Reserves, and one of the most critical organizations to achieve this ambition are National MAB Youth Networks.

To work towards this ambition, we’re developing the resources and offering the support that young people need to build National MAB Youth Networks, and encouraging state and the Secretariat to acknowledge and respect these volunteer efforts so they know how to support them.

Represent your voices at International Dialogues

We gather the perspectives of young people from all over the world and present them at major regional and international forums and meetings.

Ranging from drafting interventions into the Convention on Biological Diversity, to developing submissions to inform UNESCO’s approach towards processes such as the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, to networking at world meetings such as the IUCN World Congress.

You can bring not only your own perspectives but those of your community to influence global processes which affect you.

Offering Development and Networking Opportunities

Our members receive periodic training and educational opportunities to further their knowledge on a range of subjects. Whether you’re a community member, a student, a researcher, or a young professional of a MAB Network, you’ll find a range of opportunities relevant to you.

All levels of Commitment Welcome

Our Network community welcomes all levels of commitment, from those who wish to participate in occasional webinars, through to those who wish to develop entire projects and help coordinate the network. Our open and inclusive structure can offer a place for all levels of interest.

Membership Types

We have different types of membership to accommodate a variety of people and organizations into the MAB Youth Networks.

General Membership

For individuals living, working, studying, or in any way involved with the MAB Programme.

Benefits include:

  • Connect with a large and growing community of young people of the MAB Programme, internationally and regionally
  • Provide inputs into the MAB Programme’s governance
  • Receive educational and professional development opportunities

National Membership

If you’re connected to your MAB National Commission, or want to build a National MAB Youth Network, then the MAB Youth Networks are eager to hear about your work and support you with the resources we have available and our community’s expertise in this field.

Benefits include:

  • National website such as
  • Support in establishing national communications systems and integrating into more regional and international opportunities
  • Connect with others involved in building and running National MAB Youth Networks

Partner Membership

We welcome organizations of diverse backgrounds who wish to work or dialogue with us more closely. From Biosphere-based organizations who wish to document and spread their work, learning off similar organizations and inspiring new ones; through to international reaching organizations focused on representing youth on conventions and the work of intergovernmental agencies.

Benefits include:

  • Communications sharing
  • Co-Development of Activities
  • Support in engaging with various stakeholders in UNESCO MAB Programme

Join Us

To join the network, fill out the application below with the membership type that you seek. We’ll then contact you to provide you access to our communications system, offer you the latest activities we’re undertaking, and welcome you to our networks.

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